Swiss eVTOL company Dufour Aerospace has selected composites parts manufacturer Connova AG to make the airframe of its Aero2 drone.

According to the company, the Aero2 is an uncrewed, aerial vehicle featuring a hybrid-electric propulsion system and a tilt-wing design. Connova will reportedly make the all-composite main wing, fuselage and engine bay of the aircraft.

“We strongly believe in the success of this aircraft and are willing to increase our production capacities with the growing demand by Dufour Aerospace in the upcoming years,” said Taylan Toprak, head of sales and project management at Connova,

“In making the wings for Dufour's current Aero2 experimental flight test aircraft to a new patent pending design and manufacturing method, Connova has demonstrated the diligence and professionalism required to assure the high standards of quality necessary to deliver lightweight aircraft structures,” added Simon Bendrey, head of design at Dufour.