Carbon fiber materials for pressure vessels

Viritech has extended its collaboration with graphene specialist Haydale to develop new materials for Type V pressure vessels.

These types of vessels, used for hydrogen storage, do not have an internal liner so the composite has to act as both the gas barrier and load bearing structure. Plans are for the companies to make the vessels for the commercial automotive industry, although the technology could also be used in the aerospace and marine industries, Viritech said.

The companies first aim to develop new graphene carbon fiber materials and resins that could help reduce vessel weight and remove the need for an inner liner. As well as this, Viritech will develop its Graph-Pro structural pressure vessels, which include fixing points which attach directly to a vehicle chassis, so that no separate attachments or frames are required. This can help simplify the installation of pressure vessels and save weight.

With hydrogen’s growing emergence as a key pilar in the road to sustainable transportation, vehicle manufacturers are starting to design their first series-production fuel cell vehicles, and working together, our two companies are ideally placed to capitalize on one of the most important growth markets of the next two decades,” said Timothy Lyons, CEO of Viritech.