AOC introduces fire-retardant resin

Global resin supplier AOC has developed Firepel K140-MTI, a resin system for interior mass transit, architectural and building applications. The one-part system is halogen-free and does not require antimony or aluminum trihydrate (ATH) to achieve its fire retardant and low smoke properties,’ the company says. Composites made from Firepel K140 can be up to 30% lower in density than standard composites using ATH.

The resin also has improved handling characteristics, cure properties and higher glass content.

‘Firepel K140-MTI exhibits outstanding flame and smoke properties, and offers many handling and processing benefits compared to other products on the market,’ said Mike Diehl, business manager for AOC.  

AOC says that the material exceeds the requirements of mass transit applications in North America, Europe and Asia and achieves a Class A rating Building Code Standard. Firepel K140-MTI is suitable for hand lay-up, spray-up and resin transfer molding (RTM) manufacturing processes.  

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