Additives improve plastics recycling

Evonik has launched a new range of additives which it says could improve plastics recycling.

The Tego range could help save energy during the mechanical recycling process, and improve the quality of polymers, the company said.

During the wet stage, Evonik’s antifoams and wetting agents can be reportedly used to make washing, separation, deinking and drying processes more efficient and help to reduce energy. As well as this, during compounding (dry stage) the company’s range of odor absorbers, compatibilizers, dispersants and processing aids help improve processing and polymer properties.

“Despite recent improvements in plastic waste streams and better recycling infrastructure across the globe, the high costs and technical challenge of yielding polymers of high enough quality, have meant only around 100 million tons of plastic has been recycled so far,” said Alper Aksit, marketing manager.