Vestas delivers 150 MW wind turbines to Brazil

By Renewable Energy Focus staff

Vestas says it will deliver 75 units of its 2 MW wind turbine for the wind farms Ventos de Sao Miguel, and Renascença II, III and IV. The wind farms are expected to produce around 727.2 GWh annually.

The agreement includes the delivery, transportation, installation and commissioning of the wind turbines, and Vestas’ Online Business SCADA System.

There is also a five-year service and maintenance agreement under Vestas’ recently announced Active Output Management package, AOM 5000, which is a service product for optimising wind power plant output and minimising risk.

Richard Botelho, CEO of Energisa S.A., says: “The 2 MW is a reliable and efficient platform which suits well the wind conditions in Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil, and Vestas is a trustworthy global partner with strong local capabilities and know-how. Therefore, we are confident that they will deliver as agreed.

“We have opted for the AOM 5000, as it introduces an energy-based guarantee ensuring the turbines are fully operational when the wind is blowing. We believe that this service offering will provide us with a higher certainty of energy production and a higher energy output, leading to a more secure return on investment.”

Juan Araluce, Presdient of Vestas Mediterranean, adds: “In the past two years, we have seen an increasing interest in wind in Brazil, as a clean, competitive and predictable energy source. Wind can help Brazil diversify its energy mix complementing the already existing energy sources.

“Vestas is fully committed to support the Brazilian Government in the achievement of their objectives for wind and to contribute to creating a local industry through the development of a strong network of local suppliers and competencies.”