Universal Matter completes graphene acquisition

Universal Matter UK Limited (UMI) has reportedly completed its purchase of Applied Graphene Materials UK Limited and Applied Graphene Materials LLC, the main subsidiaries of Applied Graphene Materials (AGM), for US$1.3 mn.

UMI is a materials company which has developed a flash joule heating (FJH) process to change a range of carbon-containing feedstocks into graphene materials. According to the company, it wants to focus on upcycling a range of carbon-based materials, including waste streams, to manufacture and supply turbostratic (multilayer) graphene (TG).  

AGM specializes in graphene dispersion technologies and application for coatings and composites. Plans are for UMI to use these technology to supply graphene to new market segments as part of its business strategy.

“The combined capabilities enabled by this acquisition will provide an outstanding opportunity for accelerating the growth of novel graphene-based solutions by utilizing UMI’s proprietary graphene capabilities and AGM’s dispersion platform technologies,” a press release said.

“The acquisition of AGM fits exceptionally well with UMI’s growth strategy by significantly enhancing our dispersion and application capabilities for advanced paints and coatings,” said John van Leeuwen, CEO of Universal Matter. “Moreover, it will provide UMI with an important European footprint for strengthening our growth potential.”