Unique tennis racquet made with 3D printing

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The 3D printed composite tennis racket.
The 3D printed composite tennis racket.

It used Windform’s XT 2.0 carbon fiber reinforced polyamide composite, which has been developed for 3D printing/laser sintering applications and is also suitable for the motorsport and space industries. It can be used in applications requiring high resistance to stresses and damage.

The companies say that the aim of the project was to make the racket grip more aerodynamic and responsive. The remodelled parts also incorporate the results of aerodynamic research intended to improve the player’s match performance.

The prototype was designed by initially breaking the tennis racket down into its three fundamental parts: the handle, the neck and the head. Structural variants were developed for each of them. At the same time, work was carried out on the entire frame to improve uniformity and balance. The changes made delivered fundamental improvements in the racket's performance with regards to its structure, form and details, CRP says. It was then possible to 3d print the racket as a single monolithic piece.