New materials for 3D printing

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A skiboot made from Windform 3D printing material.
A skiboot made from Windform 3D printing material.

CRP Technology has introduced Windform FA Black, a polyamide based composite material with a dark black color suitable for 3D printing.

The material has improved resistance to repeated bending and torsion, and impact resistance even at low temperatures.

Its consistency and behavior are similar to polypropylene and ABS injection moulded parts. No post-production treatments are needed, as the material has a suitable surface finish in its sintered state. Any additional manual finishing improves its polish.

Windform FX Black is suitable for flexible components with fine details and for creating long lasting prototypes. It can also be used in various functional applications and parts with living hinges or clip fittings. It is also suitable for ducting of complex shapes, or for thin walled connectors with snap-fit systems.

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