UK company invests in 3D printing

A UK design and additive manufacturing (AM) business has acquired a carbon fiber composite 3D printer to improve the quality of its parts.

Addition Design’s Stratasys F370 CR fused deposition modelling (FDM) machine is installed at the Advanced Manufacturing Park Technology Centre in Sheffield.

“The investment will improve the quality of change parts and format parts that we are able to produce,” said director Tom Fripp. “During 2022 we saw strong demand from pharmaceutical clients and subcontract packers for our fast turnaround change parts.

“The existing 3D print systems at Addition are very good for volume and precision work but the change parts and format parts tend to be large, robust components on low volume. The new printer is better suited to this application. […] By using [carbon fiber] technology, we will be able to overcome some of the challenges in the industry at the moment by meeting the demand for fast turnaround change parts.”

Additive Design makes parts for medical, industrial, food, pharmaceutical, sports and consumer goods applications.