Toho Tenax develops thermoset carbon fibre preform technology

The new technology is said to be based on a "one-step carbon fibre bobbin to preform concept" using Tenax Binder Yarn, which combines carbon fibre with a binder resin.

The yarn can be processed to give random fibre placement for isotropic behaviour, or aligned fibre placement in areas where higher mechanical performance is required, or a combination of the two.

The company claims that the Tenax PvP process enables automated manufacturing of preforms to any desired geometry. Expensive intermediate steps are not necessary.

The technology is also said to help reduce both carbon fibre waste and manual labour compared to conventional preform production.

Automotive applications

Toho Tenax expects this automated, cost-effective solution for the manufacture of CFRP components will be particularly attractive to the automotive industry.

The company has demonstrated the use of Tenax PvP technology in high- and low-pressure resin transfer moulding (RTM) processes for both structural and visual automotive parts. It says it is now working with car makers worldwide to develop commercial applications for Tenax PvP.