Teijin focuses on FRP recycling

Teijin and communications company Fujitsu Limited have joined forces to make a blockchain-based commercial platform aimed at developing the environmental value of recycled materials.

They will focus on fiber reinforced composites in 2022 and move onto other materials subsequently.

The companies will use Teijin's life cycle assessment (LCA) calculation method for measuring the environmental impact of manufacturing processes across the value chain, and Fujitsu's blockchain technology to collect and track primary data on environmental impact, including greenhouse gas emissions.

Teijin and Fujitsu also plan to promote the use of recycled materials and environmentally friendly designs by providing manufacturers who design products from recycled materials with accurate information about their environmental footprint, including proof of origin of recycled materials and data on GHG emissions.

“The introduction of stricter environmental regulations in Europe in particular requires companies to not only adjust to additional requirements in the manufacturing process, but also to focus on environmentally friendly designs and materials,” a press release said. “In particular, fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), which are increasingly used for industrial purposes particularly in the transportation field such as aircraft and electric vehicles (EVs), will require more advanced, environmentally conscious design efforts in the future.”