SGL Group at world carbon conference

SGL Group is heavily involved in this year's Carbon 2015 world conference on carbon, currently being held in Dresden, Germany.

Dr. Wilhelm Frohs from the Research and Development department of SGL Group is responsible for arranging the conference, which takes place every year at different locations in Asia, America and Europe. Following Berlin in 2000, Dresden is only the second city in Germany to host the event since it was launched as the Annual World Conference on Carbon the same year.

 In addition to posters and talks contributed by SGL developers, SGL Group is presenting its products and solutions involving carbon at its own information stand. Key areas include lightweight construction with carbon fiber composites as well as carbon and graphite materials for energy systems such as lithium-ion batteries, redox flow batteries and fuel cells. The conference is focusing on presenting new research results concerning later, innovative applications for global megatrends such as energy management, electric mobility, medicine and environmental technology.

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