Scott Bader promotes gel-coat technology at Composites 2012

12 month Florida test results.
12 month Florida test results.

The Crystic Permabright gel-coat uses a new D-iso/NPG base resin chemistry. It is reported to significantly improved colour stability compared with existing iso/NPG gel-coats.

In accelerated QUV and Xenon testing and 12 months of Florida exposure, comparisons of delta-E colour change showed that Scott Bader’s new technology gel-coat outperforms even the best performing white iso/NPG competitor gel-coat it by over 40%.

Scott Bader expects Crystic Permabright gel-coat to find uses in applications where a high level of aesthetic quality in exposed gel-coated surfaces is required in the leisure marine, architectural building and transportation markets.

Scott Bader will also be exhibiting:

  • Crestapol® moulding and pultrusion resins, which can be heavily ATH filled for fire retardant applications;
  • the Crestabond® range of primer-less MMA based structural adhesives suitable for bonding composites, metals and plastic substrates; and
  • Crystic Fireguard 75PA Excel, an intumescent topcoat used for building, marine and land transportation fire protection applications.

The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA)'s Composites 2012 show takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on 21-23 February.