Scott Bader introduces new Crestabond structural adhesive

Scott Bader adds that this new rapid bond grade offers assemblers a reduction of over 40% in the maximum fixture time when compared to the existing Crestabond M1-05 grade, with no loss of bonding performance properties. The new adhesive is suitable for composites.

Crestabond M1-04 is the latest addition to the Crestabond range of 10:1 and 1:1 ratio structural adhesives, developed by Scott Bader to significantly increase production efficiencies for high volume parts assembly. M1-04 is now the fastest curing grade available in the Crestabond range, with a working time of only 3-4 minutes.

With no requirement for a substrate primer, this short working time and rapid fixing time enables assembled components bonded together with Crestabond M1-04, to be moved to the next stage in a production assembly line in as little as 8 minutes. As such, this new ‘rapid bond’ Crestabond M1-04 grade is expected to be of particular interest to automotive, recreational vehicle and land transport OEMs, as well as tier one and tier two suppliers due to its improved productivity benefits combined with its high elongation, toughness and reliable long-term adhesion performance; 400 ml cartridge samples of the new M1-04 grade are available for customer trials.

Crestabond M1-04 exhibits the same performance properties and attributes as the rest of the M1 range, such as good fatigue, toughness and impact resistance, good gap filling capability, as well as the need for only minimal substrate surface preparation due to the unique Scott Bader primer-less MMA bonding technology.

All Crestabond grades, including M1-04, will effectively bond composites, plastics, ABS, aluminium, stainless steel, ABS, acrylic, polycarbonate and other substrates commonly used in industrial applications. According to Scott Bader test data, Crestabond M1-04 can be used as an adhesive and gap filler up to 15mm, exhibiting good mechanical performance properties, with 70% tensile elongation and a tensile strength of 14-17MPa.

Key markets and applications for Crestabond adhesives include: building and construction for doors, windows and cladding; wind energy blades, housings and nacelles; marine for all types of craft; land transportation for buses, coaches, trains and trucks; recreational vehicles, motor homes and caravans; agricultural vehicles such as tractors, diggers and combine harvesters.