Scott Bader exhibits new products at China Composites Expo

Scott Bader's new range of methacrylate-based structural adhesives.
Scott Bader's new range of methacrylate-based structural adhesives.

The new Scott Bader products are:

  • Crestabond, a new range of methacrylate based structural adhesives;
  • Crestapol® 1214, a pultrusion resin; and
  • Crystic® Fireguard 75PA Excel intumescent fire resistant topcoat.

The new METYX Composites® METYCORE MAX™ reinforcement and METYCORE™ range for RTM and L-RTM will also be featured on the Scott Bader stand (number A426/428).

The new Crestabond range of adhesives is based on methacrylate chemistry. Crestabond adhesives are primerless, requiring no, or only minimal, surface cleaning of the substrates to be bonded. This saves both production time and assembly costs. The Crestabond range is aimed at companies in the bus, truck and rail, construction, marine and wind energy markets which are looking for durable, high performance structural adhesives that can be bonded to a wide variety of composite, metal and plastic substrates.

Crestapol® 1214 urethane acrylate resin has been developed for pultruding profiles where there is a requirement for fire resistance, low shrink, high quality surface finish or the need to manufacture larger profiles. Crestapol 1212 and 1214 pultrusion resins can be ATH filled up to 200 phr to achieve a range of fire, smoke and toxic fumes standards specified for certain building and mass transportation applications. Due to the low viscosity and high reactivity of Crestapol resins, even when heavily filled there is no loss of line speed.

Crystic Fireguard 75PA Excel intumescent fire protection topcoat is a product upgrade. The improved ‘Excel’ version offers better fire retardant properties and handling, yet is still cured with a standard MEKP catalyst. The topcoat can withstand a direct flame at a temperature of 700°C for over 60 minutes without the laminate behind catching fire.

As the official distributor of METYX Composites reinforcements in the UK, Ireland and France, Scott Bader will advise stand visitors about the features and benefits of the METYCORE and METYCORE MAX range of reinforcement materials, which are specially designed for the resin transfer moulding (RTM) and and Light RTM (L-RTM) processes. METYCORE features high drapeability for complex parts and excellent resin flow for large-scale applications. METYCORE MAX has an engineered core that works to deliver maximum resin flow and speed of moulding in L-RTM and RTM applications. It is ideal where highly filled resin systems are needed. Scott Bader Asia Pacific distributes the full range of METYX Composites speciality reinforcements throughout China.

To book a meeting with a Scott Bader representative during the China Composites Expo on 15-17 September please contact Emmy Jiang.