Scott Bader creates composite joint ventures

‘NovaScott’ Brazilian joint venture

Working with Andercol S.A., a business unit of Grupo Mundial and a long-term partner in South and Central America, Scott Bader has created a 50:50 joint venture company in Brazil, named ‘NovaScott Especialidades Quimicas Limitada’.

This new company will produce and sell a wide range of Scott Bader’s speciality products, and especially its extensive range of gelcoat products, sold under its Crystic® brand. In addition, Scott Bader will supply its ranges of Crestomer® and Crestabond® structural adhesive products and Crestapol® high performance resins, which will be sold by NovaScott alongside the Crystic gelcoats.

Malcolm Forsyth, Adhesives and Advanced Composites Global Business Director for Scott Bader, stated “The NovaScott Joint Venture is a major step forward in Scott Bader’s strategy to sell our speciality products in all key markets globally, and we are delighted to further develop our long-standing relationship with Andercol in this way. The NovaScott venture will also enable Brazilian customers across a wide range of end-use sectors to access Scott Bader’s leading technologies, which will bring many product quality and processing benefits. We look forward to building a strong business success with NovaScott in Brazil and beyond, in the coming years.”

‘Abahsain Scott Bader LLC’ Saudi Arabian joint venture

Working with S & A Abahsain, a privately-owned chemical company in Saudi Arabia, Scott Bader has created a 50:50 joint venture company named ‘Abahsain Scott Bader LLC’, to sell a wide range of polyester resins and other Scott Bader speciality products, including gelcoats and vinyl esters, in the Saudi Arabian market and other regional markets across the GCC region.

John Kemp, Managing Director of Scott Bader Middle East, said: “We are delighted to enter a formal collaboration with Abahsain Company, to build a strong presence in the Saudi Arabian market, with our Crystic® resins, which are widely used by major pipe customers in the region, and with our other Crystic speciality products, which can bring significant benefits to Saudi Arabian Composites customers. This Joint Venture will provide access to the fast developing Saudi Arabian and GCC markets, and together we see significant potential for growth over the coming years.”

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