SCIGRIP SG5000 rivals epoxy adhesive performance

According to IPS, SCIGRIP SG5000 produces high performance structural bonding for composites and metals that rival traditional two-part epoxy adhesives.

The  two-part adhesive is applied at a 1:1 adhesive/activator mix ratio and can be dispensed manually with cartridges or with meter-mix equipment.

Three different SCIGRIP SG5000 adhesives are available with working times of 3, 6 and 13 minutes. The adhesives will room temperature cure with fixture times as fast as 6 minutes.

SCIGRIP SG5000 is being used for structural bonding applications for bus, truck, rail, wind energy, military and numerous product assembly applications where strength and reliability are required.

Substrates bonded with SCIGRIP SG5000 adhesive exhibit tensile strengths greater than 4,500 psi, lap shear strengths greater than 2900 psi and tensile modulus greater than 136 000 psi. Parts bonded with SCIGRIP SG5000 adhesive offer excellent chemical and corrosion resistance and will perform under severe thermal excursions. In addition, the fast and hard curing beads allow sanding and painting of exposed surfaces.

SCIGRIP Smarter Adhesive Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of IPS Corporation.