Safran joins thermoplastic research center

Aerospace company Safran has joined the ThermoPlastic composites Research Center (TPRC), a research and development institute for thermoplastic composites based in Enschede, Netherlands.

According to the company, TPRC is researching the use of thermoplastic composites in large volume applications and promoting their use in more applications.

Safran says that it wants to reduce fuel consumption by over 20% and CO2 emissions from its future propulsion units and using thermoplastic matrix composites could help expand the areas of application for composites and reduce the mass of assemblies, by working on welding. Thermoplastic resins also help enable the recycling of material scraps and end-of-life parts.

"Joining the TPRC will create synergies and accelerate Safran’s composite technology development,” said Jean-Pierre Poitevin, director of Safran Composites. “Developing thermoplastic-based composites and related technologies offers new opportunities to reach Safran’s targets and is already a part of our Composites roadmap with existing maturation works.”

"With Safran now becoming a full member of the TPRC, we can jointly work on all topics of our research roadmap, amongst which fiber placement, out-of-autoclave processing, welding, stamp forming and recycling,” said Sebastiaan Wijskamp, technical director of the TPRC.