Russia's SOLVER selects FiberSIM software to drive fibre placement system

SOLVER will be using FiberSIM in conjunction with a Viper 1200 fibre placement system from MAG to design and manufacture composite parts on behalf of Voronezh Aircraft Plant (VASO) for various projects.

The sale was made in conjunction with VISTAGY's agent in Russia, Innovation Technologies and Solutions (ITS).

According to VISTAGY, with the FiberSIM Fiber Placement Interface engineers can generate fibre placement data files within their CAD software systems directly from the 3D model of a composite part. FiberSIM also has the capability to import the actual paths from fibre placement machines and an interface to drive Automated Ply Verification (APV) inspection equipment, which validates that the manufactured part is representative of the designed/analysed part.

With the FiberSIM Laser Projection module, SOLVER will also be able to generate laser data files from within its CAD system directly from the 3D model of the composite part. This increases engineering productivity, reduces errors and makes it easy to update and maintain laser projection data.

"The use of composite materials is growing rapidly in our market so there's a critical need for industry-specific engineering solutions that address the complexity of the product development process," reports Radislav Birbraer, design and construction chief officer at SOLVER. "VISTAGY and ITS have extensive expertise in composites design, and that expertise is reflected in the advanced capabilities of FiberSIM, which we expect to enable us to achieve significant productivity gains."

SOLVER Company is an engineering and consulting company specialising in ERP and PLM systems, CAS/CAD/CAM/CAE systems, and machines.

VISTAGY Inc, headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, provides industry-specific engineering software and services.