RTP acquires conductive business from Clariant

"Our acquisition of Clariant's conductive compound business further enhances RTP Company's global leadership position in the plastics compounding industry by expanding our existing conductive products portfolio and further increasing RTP Company's manufacturing capabilities in Europe," says Hugh Miller, President and CEO of RTP Company, which is headquartered in Winona, Minnesota, USA.

The transaction includes technology and equipment that RTP and Clariant, of Switzerland, will work to transfer, ensuring no interruption for customers.

"RTP Company will relocate production equipment to our manufacturing facility in Ladenburg, Germany, which we opened in April 2011," reports RTP Company's Jean Sirois, Managing Director - Europe.

"This expansion enhances our Ladenburg facility's capability to supply European and global customers for these materials while providing the full service and support RTP Company is renowned for." 

RTP Company develops customised thermoplastic compounds in over 60 different engineering resin systems for applications requiring colour, conductive, elastomeric, flame retardant, high temperature, structural and wear-resistant properties.