Quickstep receives first purchase order for F-35 parts

The purchase order covers production of Group 1 components for the F-35 over the next 12 months, as scheduled under the Long Term Agreement (LTA) Quickstep signed with principal F-35 subcontractor Northrop Grumman in February 2011.

“This order for the F-35 components represents Quickstep’s first aerospace global supply chain manufacturing contract – a huge achievement for the company following a long and arduous qualification process,” says Quickstep's Managing Director Philippe Odouard.

“Quickstep’s LTA to manufacture Group 1 parts contemplates a 20 year production timeline, representing a long term income stream for the company.”

Under the framework established in the LTA, Quickstep is set to deliver the first F-35 Lightning II parts in 2012. The company will supply a variety of components, including a large number of composite doors and panels.

In parallel with Group 1 part manufacturing, which is expected to commence shortly, Quickstep is also undertaking the qualification process to enable it to manufacture Group 2 and Group 3 F-35 components.

Quickstep specialises in the production of aerospace-grade composite components using both conventional autoclave-based manufacturing and out-of-autoclave production technologies, including its proprietary Quickstep Process.