Quickstep completes first production parts for JSF

The parts, assembled access panels for the F-35 aircraft, were presented to Northrop Grumman weeks ahead of schedule. These parts represent the first 'flying' Group 1 parts manufactured by Quickstep for the JSF programme. Quickstep initially expects to manufacture approximately one completed part per week and will gradually ramp up in quantity.

Quickstep specialises in the production of advanced composites for aerospace, defence and automotive use, using both the traditional autoclave process and its own out of autoclave technology – the Quickstep Process.

“This represents the start of Quickstep’s first major production contract for the international defence industry – a core part of the company’s growth strategy,” says Quickstep’s Managing Director, Philippe Odouard. “With serial production now underway we will be making regular shipments of Group 1 JSF parts to Northrop Grumman and receiving regular cash flow, with the intention of ramping up production over the next 12 months.” Quickstep recently received its second Purchase Order for Group 1 parts covering manufacturing and delivery throughout 2013.