Project to recycle “non-homogeneous” materials

Extrusion specialist Bausano and Wintech, a Italian company which makes rotary injection molding machines, are researching ways to combine their technology to make it easier to recycle “non-homogeneous” plastic waste materials.

The companies plan to integrate Wintech’s injection system and a Bausano twin-screw extruder to make everyday objects without any pre-treatment of waste. The extruder reportedly creates a “state of homogeneity of the melt” so it can be more easily injected into the Wintech mold. Residual moisture and volatile compounds can be reduced with a degassing system, and after molding, the part is cooled in a multi-station carousel. The companies say that the machines are customisable, improving the molding process.

“This is, in fact, a further step forward with regard to non-homogeneous or highly polluting waste, which is outside the standard channels of the circular economy,” said Marco Masiero, test engineer at Bausano.