Owens Corning converts Italian plant to Advantex glass fibre technology

The Vado conversion is part of a previously announced plan to install Advantex glass technology in composites facilities acquired from Saint-Gobain in 2007. The Vado plant produces chopped glass fibre strands primarily used to reinforce thermoplastics in a variety of applications for the transportation, consumer and electronics markets.

Advantex technology offers a higher performing glass fibre and a significantly smaller environmental footprint compared with standard E-glass processes. Owens Corning says the Advantex glass fibre process is more energy efficient, resulting in less demand for fossil fuel and emissions reductions of up to:

  • 40% carbon dioxide;
  • 75% nitrogen oxides;
  • 40% sulphur oxide; and
  • 90% particulates.

“As business activity regains strength in the region and globally, we’re excited to not only be re-starting capacity to meet customer demand, but also to be bringing technology online that’s great for our customers, great for our company, and great for the planet,” notes Arnaud Genis, vice president and managing director, Europe, OCV™ Reinforcements. Owens Corning, headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, USA, is global producer of glass fibre reinforcements and engineered materials for composite systems and building materials.