New resins from Aliancys

Aliancys says that it is introducing two new resins at the JEC show, taking place form 14-16 March 2018.

This includes the Daron 8150 resin for automotive applications and carbon sheet molding compound (SMC) applications. The resin features improved wetting of both glass and carbon fibers which makes it possible to obtain elevated strength and stiffness in light-weight molded components. It is suitable for high volume manufacturing and molded parts have demonstrated ultra-low emissions.

Aliancys is also launching the new Neomold 2017-S-1 resin for manufacturing composite tooling. The resin makes it possible to make molds that mirror the surface and dimensions of the plug. The thixotropic nature of the resin allows for improved application on vertical surfaces without sagging. Although the through-cure is fast, the exothermic heat is low. The resin is highly suitable for making thick parts in one go.

The company has also helped develop light-weight passenger bus components for VDL Bus & Coach. These components are made by applying a foaming resin formulation using resin from Aliancys. A large bus front module made with the vacuum expansion process will be exhibited at the show.

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