NCC joins knowledge transfer scheme

The National Composites Centre (NCC) has joined a UK government scheme which allows businesses to partner with academia to run projects that could help improve the country’s growth.

Projects can focus on developing new or better products and services, and on improving processes and building management capability, it said.

The center has been named as one of 100 ‘knowledge bases’ as part of the Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme and will work with graduates on the project.

According to the NCC, Innovate UK will fund up to 75% of project costs for not-for-profit businesses of any size, 67% of project costs for micro, small and medium-sized businesses and 50% of project costs for large businesses.

 “We’re delighted to be recognised as a KTP Knowledge Base to strengthen our support to UK businesses, giving them access to our world-leading resources and capabilities, and helping them overcome the barriers to their business growth,” said James Helm, who runs the NCC’s SME support team.

The KTP program has been running for nearly 50 years and has been reportedly used by more than 14,000 businesses.