METYX Composites invests in RTM technology

Metyx Composites' nonwoven production line.
Metyx Composites' nonwoven production line.

One of the production lines produces custom nonwoven products which compliment the METYCORE™ RTM and Light RTM (L-RTM) reinforcement range from METYX Composites.

"This production line was a significant investment towards our future," reports Ugur Ustunel, VP, New Business Development, METYX Composites, Istanbul, Turkey. "Its capacity and capabilities far exceed our needs today. However, since every growing sector increases its demands for customised products of consistent and high quality, we are taking a proactive approach so that we are ready in advance. As new players enter the global RTM market, the competition is getting fierce. The need to be vertically integrated has become necessary in order to stay ahead of competition and achieve cost savings."

The second production line produces a three dimensional (3D) fabric designed to enhance METYX Composites' RTM and infusion product range.

"METYX Composites is dedicated to offering more customised products by pushing the envelope in the RTM technology," says Ustunel. "A true 3D fabric production line is very rare in our industry. We believe that the successful integration of our extensive knowledge and experience in the RTM industry enables us to produce revolutionary products like this."