Malaysia's CTRM adopts Quickstep out-of-autoclave composites process

Quickstep and CTRM have agreed to work together to fast-track the evaluation and certification of Quickstep’s out-of-autoclave composites manufacturing technology (the Quickstep Process) with a view to introducing it to CTRM’s manufacturing facility in Melaka, Malaysia, as soon as possible.

The focus of the work will be the quick qualification of parts from CTRM’s major customer, Airbus, for use on the new A350 aircraft. CTRM says it is the fifth largest supplier of composite parts to Airbus worldwide.

Another of CTRM’s major customers is Spirit AeroSystems, the largest independent supplier of aircraft structures and systems in the commercial aviation market. Spirit AeroSystems (Europe) Ltd recently decided to open up a new facility in Malaysia.

“We will work closely with CTRM to apply the Quickstep Process to the commercial production of aerospace parts, in particular for the Airbus A350 programme, which because of its high usage of composites, is one of the key drivers of the forecast expansion of demand for composite components,” says Quickstep’s CEO, Philippe Odouard.