MAC-RTM – microwave curing of resins

The project consortium involves 9 partners.
The project consortium involves 9 partners.

The MAC-RTM project aims to develop a microwave-assisted curing (MAC) technology for thermoset materials (polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins).

The microwave curing technology will be developed and adapted to the resin transfer moulding (RTM) and RTM-Light processing technologies. Curing control and sensor systems as well as accurate process simulation techniques will be developed to guarantee a cost-efficient, controlled and reproducible curing process.

The project is expected to allow the adaptation of the RTM and RTM Light processes for medium volume production with the following advantages:

  • 40% reduction in production cycle time;
  • 70% decrease in energy consumption;
  • lower styrene emissions (90% reduction compared to open mould processes); and
  • increased degree of curing (nearly 100%).

A general purpose part will be designed, manufactured and tested.

The MAC-RTM project is funded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme and is scheduled for completion in October 2013.