Litzler acquires prepreg machine specialist WAECO

WAECO prepreg machines are used to produce high quality unidirectional and woven prepregs. Steve Velleman founded WAECO in 1986 and will continue to work with Litzler in the selling and engineering of the prepreg machines.

WAECO's products include 12 inch to 60 inch wide machines as well as a patent pending thermoplastic prepreg machine. WAECO is also the originator of the S-wrap™ prepreg process.

Litzler has supplied prepreg machines since 1959 as well as carbon fibre oxidation ovens and complete carbon fibre systems.

“The acquisition of WAECO is the next logical step for Litzler to continue to supply to all market stations in the composites industry,” says Matt Litzler, President of C. A. Litzler Co Inc.

Litzler was founded in 1953 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and brings WAECO into a group that includes Litzler, Quickdraft , PSC Inc, Litzler Automation, MCT (Molding and Coating Technologies), Thermovation, and Litzler Shanghai.