Lincoln Composites wins €3.2m contracts for Vietnam

A Titan module on a truck.
A Titan module on a truck.

Lincoln Composites will supply 40 ft TITAN™ modules as well as 20 ft Smartstore™ modules using 450 litre TUFFSHELL® cylinders to Petrovietnam Gas South and CNG Vietnam J-S Company. This is the third order to Petrovietnam.

The lightweight high-pressure modules will be used to transport compressed natural gas (CNG) to ceramic processing plants that require large consumption of gas at very high flow rate.

The TITAN modules contain 4 TITAN tanks, which are constructed from a high density polyethylene (HDPE) liner, a filament wound carbon fibre/epoxy composite shell, and a polyurethane outer coating.

The TITAN tanks ensure safe and simple transportation in ISO container form. A 40 ft TITAN module can transport approximately 10 000 m³ of compressed natural gas. This means that the TITAN modules will provide a capacity increase, allowing transport of more than twice as much gas as conventional steel solutions, while reducing the overall gross vehicle weight by several tonnes.

The 20 ft Smartstore modules act as an intermediate storage solution for regions where the roads do not allow the use of a 40 ft trailer.

"TITAN is currently the most advanced and effective bulk gas transportation system in Vietnam," says Ha Anh Tuan, Deputy General Director or Petrovietnam Southern Gas Company. "It is easy to operate and maintain. More importantly, we have also seen significant cost savings in our operations due to the efficiency of the modules."

Since the TITAN modules became commercially available in mid-2010, around 30 have been put into operation on the roads of Vietnam.