Lincoln Composites receives permit from the US DOT

The TITAN tank consists of a high density polyethylene (HDPE) liner, filament wound carbon fibre/epoxy composite shell, and a polyurethane outer coating. Four TITAN tanks are contained in a TITAN Module transport system.

The DOT permit authorises use of the Lincoln Composites composite cylinders in the market of transportation of compressed gases, including natural gas, hydrogen, and certain inert gases. Modes of transportation authorised include motor vehicles, rail freight, and cargo vessels.

"Using composite technology means significant payload increases while reducing the weight of the trailers and that means lower operating costs for bulk gas transportation in the US," reports Jack Schimenti, Lincoln Composites Managing Director.

"Even with significant pipeline networks in the US, there are still many factories located off the pipeline grid that will realise significant cost savings by switching to natural gas for their power generation needs."

The DOT special permit is valid until 31 December 2013 with possibility of renewal.

Lincoln Composites, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, is a business unit of Hexagon Composites of Norway.