Covestro says that it plans to invest in production of its continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) composites in response to market trends.

The company has commissioned a new tape line of its Maezio range of CFRTP composites, which are based on continuous carbon fibers impregnated with thermoplastics such as polycarbonates while its lab in Leverkusen, Germany, will be used to develop new products with different fiber and resin combinations. Their manufacture will in turn be scaled and commercialized at Convestro’s production site in Markt Bibart.

‘We’re witnessing strong market demand for thinner, lighter, and aesthetically competitive products where thermoplastic composites like Maezio are making a difference,’ said Lisa Ketelsen, head of thermoplastic composites of Covestro. ‘To meet the needs of a growing range of applications we need a broader base of portfolio with different matrix materials and properties. The new tape line in combination with our mass production lines will allow us to do quick iterations and scaling based on market demand.’

‘Thermoplastic composites enable significant increases in production speed for mass production, and their ability to be molded with features and produced to near net shape eliminates the need for many secondary operations,’ said Dr Christian Wilms, head of technology. ‘Also, they are inherently recyclable, making them a genuine answer to the growing need for scalable and sustainable material solutions.’

Covestro has also commissioned new hybrid injection molding machines in its CFRTP locations in Germany and China. A hybrid injection molding machine can perform thermoforming of semi-finished composite parts as well as in-mold injection molding, the company said.

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