Hypermach unveils SonicStar supersonic aircraft

HyperMach plans to have its SonicStar supersonic aircraft ready to fly in 2021.
HyperMach plans to have its SonicStar supersonic aircraft ready to fly in 2021.
SonicStar will achieve the speed of Mach 3.5.
SonicStar will achieve the speed of Mach 3.5.

HyperMach's plan is to build and fly this new supersonic aircraft by June 2021.

HyperMach says SonicStar incorporates new aerodynamics and engine technology which overcomes the environmental and economic challenges that have stopped the development of supersonic aircraft in the past. SonicStar will achieve the speed of Mach 3.5, while meeting requirements for improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and the dramatic reduction of sonic boom overland.

SonicStar will be able to fly supersonic from New York to Sydney in 5 hours.


SonicStar will be 225.6 ft in length, with a 74.1 ft wingspan, and will carry 10-16 passengers.

The aircraft wings will have a titanium primary structure, aluminium/titanium wing box, composite structural skins and panels, and titanium nickel-cobalt alloy leading and trailing edges.

The empennage will have a composite internal primary and secondary structure, high temperature composite skins, and titanium alloyed leading edges.


The propulsion system for SonicStar is a new hybrid engine, S-MAGJET (Supersonic-Magnetic Advanced Generation Jet Electric Turbine) 4000X, designed by HyperMach’s engine partner SonicBlue. It is reported to be 30% more fuel efficient than the Rolls Royce 593 engine in the Concorde supersonic passenger aircraft (which was retired from service in 2003).

This hybrid electric gas turbine engine, which has been in development for seven years at SonicBlue, provides the power generation capability to reduce jet emissions by 100%, increase thrust to weight ratio by 20%, and reduce parts count in core engine components by 40%.

The 54 700 thrust class S-MAGJET engine is optimised to fly the HyperMach SonicStar aircraft at 62 000 ft at a specific fuel consumption below 1.05 at Mach 3.5.

HyperMach has announced that the engine will be developed and built in the UK.

The UK Department of Trade and Industry has agreed to support the company in the UK, as it establishes the development and manufacture of S-MAGJET 4000X engine.


HyperMach Aerospace Industries Inc came into being in 2008 in the USA with the aim of revolutionising high-speed air travel.