Huntsman launches Araldite apps

The new Araldite app.
The new Araldite app.

Users can also find news on Huntsman’s latest developments and access product descriptions either on the apps or by e-mailing Huntsman to request information.

The Araldite mobile apps will also be available on BlackBerry in May.

Araldite adhesives

The Araldite adhesives range comprises a selection of the latest epoxy, polyurethane, methacrylate and silane-teminated polymers technologies, available in a variety of packaging. Products range from adhesives with long open times for large area applications, to fast-curing adhesives for early removal from fixtures and rapid through-put, and adhesives to high temperatures, water and chemicals.

Araldite composite formulated system app

Huntsman’s range of thermosetting formulated systems help composites manufacturers improve the quality, durability and performance of their products.