High-density polyurethane tooling board

Ru-bix, a specialist manufacturer of thermoset tooling boards, has developed a new chemical formula for its 1200 density board.

Tooling boards of 1000kg/m3 or more are classed as high density and are typically used where manufacturing stresses are high or where exact dimensional tolerances, sharp-corner retention and improved surface finish is required. The 1200kg/m3 formula was developed to exhibit a very fine surface structure, Ru-bix said.

The new RX-1200 tooling board is suitable for foundry models and hammer form tools, the company said. It has improved strength, can provide a high gloss finish, and is easier to machine with minimal swarf. The formula is also available in a range of bespoke sizes.

Using the ISO 178 and ISO 75 test methods, the tooling and modelling board exhibited compressive strengths of up to 70 MPa, a maximum flexural strength of 80 MPa and can be used in environments where temperatures reach up to 85°C.

‘The RX-1200 is commonly used within the foundry industry, so it was essential that the new formula also exhibited the same amount of compressive and flexural strength to withstand deformation under heavy loads,’ said Dr Barrie Colvin, chairman and technical director of Ru-bix.

Polyurethane tooling boards of this density are suitable for vacuum forming applications, the company said.

This story uses material from Ru-bix, with editorial changes made by Materials Today.