Polyurethane tooling board materials range

Base Materials has added three products to its range of polyurethane (PU) tooling board materials.

This includes BP600, a medium-density PU tooling material, and two new abrasion-resistant, high-density PU tooling materials, BP1200 and BP1700.

According to the company, BP600, suitable for thermoforming, provides a good surface finish and has a low coefficient of thermal expansion for increased dimensional stability while BP1200, suitable for vacuum forming and thermoforming, is a high-density, abrasion-resistant PU tooling material, that can be machined.

Base Materials’ BP1700 PU tooling material has a density of 1,785 kg/m3, is abrasion resistant, and is designed for use in specialist applications where high compressive strength is required, including vacuum forming, thermoforming and reactive injection moulding (RIM).

The materials are available with adhesives, repair pastes, sealers and release agents.