Fibrelite launches heavy duty 1.6 m long composite trench cover

Fibrelite's 1600 mm x 450 mm 40 tonne D400 load rated trench cover.
Fibrelite's 1600 mm x 450 mm 40 tonne D400 load rated trench cover.

The composite covers provide a lightweight alternative to heavy concrete and metal trench panels that normally need removing by a forklift to gain access to important underground services. 

“Having re-configured the internal fibreglass architecture we can meet the permanent set and test load requirements of BS EN 124, Class D400,” explains David Holmes, Fibrelite’s Technical Director and Head of Product Development. “What’s more, no additional support beams are required.”

Fibrelite's composite uses multiaxial E glass fibre and a specially formulated resin matrix. 

The request for 1.6 m long, heavy duty trench covers initially came from a large power station in the north of England which was exploring replacement options for the extremely heavy and easily damaged concrete covers that had been installed years earlier. Whenever these concrete panels needed removal to gain access to a trench, a forklift and lifting equipment would be required. The fact that removal of Fibrelite composite trench covers would become an easy and safe exercise, taking two technicians around 10 seconds, was an important factor in their selection for this project.