European Thermoplastic Automotive Composites consortium formed

Their aim is to promote the use of fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composites in the automotive sector.

eTAC is a project-driven partnership that will provide solutions requested by car manufacturers and their supply chain. eTAC will be able to link up with existing networks, research centres and knowledge institutions, such as TPRC (ThermoPlastic composite Research Center).

Companies will be able to participate in eTAC either on a project basis or as a permanent partner.

The partners in the European Thermoplastic Automotive Composites consortium

DTC Dutch Thermoplastic Components specialises in the production of advanced thermoplastic composite parts for aerostructure applications. Kok & Van Engelen designs, develops, produces and repairs composite structures for various markets. Its expertise includes resin transfer moulding (RTM) and the welding of thermoplastic composite materials. NLR National Aerospace Laboratory of the Netherlands specialises in 'high tech - high spec' products for the space and aerospace industry, but is increasingly using its knowledge in the designing, manufacturing, testing and validating of composite components in the automotive, maritime, railway, transport and medical sectors. TenCate Advanced Composites develops and produces composite materials for the space and aerospace industry and for industrial applications. TenCate Advanced Composites has production facilities in Europe and North America. VIRO designs, develops and delivers means of production for the automotive industry, including robots and tools such as assembly and inspection jigs and welding fixtures

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