Energetx Composites and Aeroblade establish wind blade manufacturing partnership

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The agreement comes a year after Energetx Composites, a composites manufacturer located in Holland, Michigan, licensed Aeroblade’s technology for its 45.3 m wind turbine blade design. Energetx Composites is set to launch the 45.3 m blade this summer.

Energetx Composites will supply all of Aeroblade’s customers throughout the USA and Canada.

Kelly Slikkers, Vice President of Business Development at Energetx Composites says Energetx is excited about broadening its relationship with Aeroblade.

"With Aeroblade’s tremendous engineering capabilities built through years of experience in the aerospace and wind energy markets, coupled with our long-standing history of manufacturing high quality composite components, our customers will receive a final product that is of the highest quality, providing long-term value,” notes Slikkers.

Aeroblade has developed designs for wind turbine blades from 37 to 60 m and more, which Energetx and Aeroblade believe will allow them to serve nearly any wind turbine OEM in the market today.