ELG Carbon Fibre extends quality management certification

ELG Carbon Fibre’s nonwoven mats.
ELG Carbon Fibre’s nonwoven mats.

ELG Carbon Fibre says that it has successfully extended the certification of its quality management system, in the process of transitioning to the latest BS:EN9100 2016 (AS9100 Revision D) standard.  As part of this conversion, the scope of the quality management system certification was extended to incorporate design and development activities. 

‘Having this system certified to an internationally recognised standard is important to give our customers the confidence that our materials will meet their needs in high volume production,’ said Frazer Barnes, managing director of ELG Carbon Fibre. ‘It also reflects the continuous effort and commitment made by our employees to deliver the highest quality carbon fiber products and conversion technologies.’

In addition to sector-specific changes in the language regarding product safety, counterfeit parts prevention and configuration management, BS:EN9100 2016 (AS9100 Revision D) fully incorporates the language of ISO 9001:2015.

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