Conductive Composites to make nickel plated fiber for ElectriPlast

The agreement establishes a relationship in which Conductive Composites will establish a separate manufacturing line, in a new facility, dedicated to producing NiC exclusively for ElectriPlast. Integral will be supplying the equipment, and Conductive Composites will provide turnkey technical and operational support in manufacturing the NiC. 

Integral's patented ElectriPlast manufacturing technology produces an industry leading conductive thermoplastic pellet used for a variety of EMI shielding applications in the automotive, cable & wire, and consumer electronics industries. "The conductive fiber is a critical element in our product because it needs to be lightweight, electrically conductive and cost competitive," said ElectriPlast's CTO Mo Zeidan. "We have experimented with many conductive fibers and our technical analysis is that Conductive Composites NiC best meets those requirements.”

Precise plating

Conductive Composites is reportedly the only company that can customize the plating with chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology, which allows more precise plating levels.

"This is a significant milestone and commitment for us," said Doug Bathauer, Integral's CEO. "We have extensively researched a variety of conductive fibers critical for the manufacture of ElectriPlast and found Conductive Composites to be the ideal specialty nickel plated carbon fiber supplier for us."