Composites One presents closed moulding demos at COMPOSITES 2012

COMPOSITES 2012, organised by the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA), takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on 21-23 February. The closed moulding presentations will take place at Booth #629 on 22 and 23 February.

The demonstrations will present closed mould processes like resin transfer moulding light (RTM Light), the vacuum infusion process (VIP), and Flex Molding (developed by Magnum Venus Plastech) to produce replica wind blades, a half hull, and a mini boat hull.

This year a specially formulated CCP Composites OptiPLUS infusion resin for tooling for the vacuum infusion process will be shown.

The Flex Molding presentation will feature a video demonstration of how to make a silicone bag using the process. Afterward, a live demonstration using the same silicone bag will feature production of a replica wind blade. New Flex Molding controls will be featured in all work cells during the two-day demonstration.

Axiom prepregs, Huntsman epoxies, MIT recycled carbon fibre preforms, and Bayer polyurethane resin systems will also  be showcased using a number of different parts, including a tractor hood and a motorcycle engine cover. The Sprayomer™ technology from SR Composites will be launched during the event. This flexible bag system is ideal for a variety of parts.