Closed Moulding session at IBEX 2014

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Composites One says that the session will provide manufacturers with guidance through the entire closed moulding process. Attendees will hear real-life conversion stories and learn about time studies, cost estimates and manufacturing efficiencies.

The Super Session will be divided into four key segments to help understand the importance of converting to Closed Moulding.

“The goal is for all attendees to leave the session with the knowledge they need to make the decision to convert to Closed Moulding,” said Marcy Offner, Director of Marketing Communications for Composites One.

The session will focus on examining real manufacturers’ case studies to determine what drivers motivated them to convert to closed moulding. Necessary cost models will be reviewed along with critical tooling decisions needed for the conversion. Finally the session will look at creating manufacturing cells, which will guide attendees through the production flow of a closed mould shop.