CDI installs demonstration prepreg machine in China

CDI's CD6015 Combi prepreg machine.
CDI's CD6015 Combi prepreg machine.

This will allow customers to trial CDI’s latest equipment, receive training in prepreg production, and learn to convert their fibre and/or resins into production prepreg materials.

The CD6015 Combi has compact dimensions making it suited for small-to-medium-sized composite part producers. It can be installed without any major facility upgrades, requiring only basic power and air attachments. The machine is fully automated.

The CD6015 Combi supports two primary markets:

  • an R&D tool for fibre and resin matrix development; and
  • small volume production for manufacture of unidirectional prepregs.

It is also useful for prototype production and R&D purposes.

“We are delighted to have formed this alliance with ATA and are very encouraged by the interest shown in the CD 6015 Combi machine”, remarks Keith McConnell, President of CDI.

“This continues to be an exciting phase of growth and innovation for CDI and the expansion of our business network into China marks another key milestone.”