Bid to recycle composite waste

Covestro is partnering with recycling specialist carboNXT to develop ways to recycle waste produced from the processing of its continuous fiber-reinforced polycarbonate composites (CFRTPs).

According to the company, waste generated during the production of its Maezio is a valuable raw material, but it consists of different materials that cannot be easily separated, recycling is a challenge.

carboNXT has developed a process that allows the waste to be processed on an industrial scale, Covestro said. The material can then be used to make new carbon fiber-reinforced polycarbonate composites.

‘We are very excited about this joint solution, as we cannot process the materials ourselves for technical reasons,’ said Lisa Ketelsen, head of thermoplastic composites at Covestro. ‘By recycling according to type at our partner's plant, the raw materials can be converted back into valuable products with similarly good properties as those characteristic of virgin materials. The recycling of materials makes it possible to use them again in other products.’

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