BASF expands PA production

BASF has announced plans to expand its polyamide (PA) 6.6 production in Freiburg, Germany, beginning in 2022

This increases the polyamide 6.6 business that BASF acquired from Solvay in 2020.

The company will also build a new hexamethylene diamine (HMD) plant in Chalampé, France, increasing BASF’s annual HMD production capacity to 260,000 metric tons. Production is expected to start in 2024, BASF said.

“With this new HMD plant in Chalampé and the expansion of the polymerization in Freiburg, BASF ensures that customers can be reliably supplied with HMD and PA6.6, while also addressing increasing demand in the market,” said Dr Ramkumar Dhruva, president of BASF’s monomers division.

HMD is a precursor used in the production of polyamide 6.6 plastics and coating raw materials. These products are used in the automotive industry as well as in the production of special fibers, according to the company.

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