Barrday Composite Solutions introduces fire resistant epoxy prepreg

Barrday glass epoxy prepreg.
Barrday glass epoxy prepreg.

Barrday Composite Solutions (formerly Lewcott Corp) reports that the new EP2052 prepreg is self adhesive to aramid and aluminium honeycomb, is self extinguishing, and passes both the 12 second and 60 second vertical burn tests as listed in FAR 25.853.

The prepreg is toughened and is said to provide excellent structural properties.

In addition, EP2052 offers a 20 minute (in hot/out hot) snap cure at temperatures of 255-275°F (125-135°C), allowing for greatly improved throughput relative to standard cure systems.

The prepreg provides a Tg of 239°F (115°C) and has a three plus week out time.

“EP2052 prepreg helps to round out our fire resistant epoxy product offerings," says Carl Varnerin, VP of R&D at Barrday Composite Solutions, Millbury, Massachusetts, USA.

"The prepreg provides excellent adhesion to aluminium and Nomex honeycomb cores. We believe the snap cure option would also be a substantial benefit to engineers that want to maximise the output of their equipment without additional capital expenditures and who also value the flame retardant properties.”