ASTM standard for damage resistance testing of sandwich constructions

ASTM D7766/D7766M, Practice for Damage Resistance Testing of Sandwich Constructions, was developed by Subcommittee D30.09 on Sandwich Construction, part of ASTM International Committee D30 on Composite Materials. “ASTM D7766/D7766M will provide instructions for modifying composite laminate quasi-static indentation and drop weight impact test methods to determine damage resistance properties of sandwich constructions,” reports Adam J. Sawicki, technical fellow, structures technology, Boeing, and D30 chairman.

“These properties are required to design composite sandwich constructions, to demonstrate the structure is sufficiently durable and exhibits either no damage or limited damage under specific damage-producing events in service.”

Subcommittee D30.09 is also in the early planning stages of a proposed new standard for damage tolerance properties of sandwich constructions.