3B’s HiPer-tex W2020 wind blade roving obtains GL approval

This certification complements the recent GL approval for SE2020 single end reinforcements (see 3B obtains GL approval for wind blade reinforcements).

Both products benefit from proprietary sizings developed for use with specific resin systems (epoxy) principally for the manufacturing of non-crimped fabrics and FRP laminates for use in wind turbine blades and other applications.

“As blades get longer so the need increases to use high modulus glass spar caps in the structural areas of the blade to provide greater stiffness," says Luc Peters, 3B Wind Energy Technical Leader.

"When comparing blades manufactured with traditional E-glass, HiPer-tex W2020 achieves up to 10% weight saving for the same blade design and length. By implementing these improvements the blade length can be extended thus providing more energy output while maintaining the same weight thereby positively contributing to the levelised cost of energy (LCOE).”